iMessage App – Download for Windows PC, iPhone, Android

iMessage is one of the applications from apple that has changed the communication pattern from the base. From iOS 5 to the latest Apple device, now we can’t imagine an Apple device without iMessage. Yes, it is an SMS/messages app build uniquely with the same idea of communication. Its adoption was automatic, and hence many people don’t know the significant difference between text message and iMessage.

With more updates and new system introduction, apple added iMessage for Mac, iPad, and Apple watches. However, many windows and android users also search for the same thing on their native system.

Unfortunately, iMessage online is not available for the android and windows OS. But what if we say you can get something better than iMessage for pc. Yes, you have read correctly. There is one app that works better than iMessage, and today we are discussing the same.

Before going to details, let me first tell you why iMessage is loved by users so much. iMessage is an existing message app for iOS users and support across all Apple devices. Its security and privacy are, at best. It also supports group chats, audio calls, video calls, provides GIF and emojis. Plus, it is faster than email and offers an easy way for communication.

Now let’s rethink the same thing. What if you will get an identical system with better features that can also work across all the devices, including Windows and Android? Spike is one such name that makes all these things real. It is faster than email, supports group chats, and works on Android and windows.

With Spike, you don’t have to search for iMessage on Windows 10 or Android. You have to download the application on your pc, sign up with your email address, and be ready to connect the world. Of course, it provides all the iMessage features on your device through the Groups functionality of Spike.

You don’t have to sign up for other services or third-party applications to build up a friend list. Even the process is the same for the android device as well. Install the app, sign up, and enjoy!! It means you also don’t have to look iMessage on Android from now.

iMessage for PC : How to Get iMessage on PC (Windows 10/8/7)

iMessage on Windows 10: Group Chats

iMessage offers a group chat feature that includes stickers, emoji, emoji, GIFs, etc. However, there is a loophole in it. It does not mute notification, hiding conversations, etc. Yes, email can do all of these, but it is not feasible for everyone to use it.

Even most people don’t understand how email works. But Spike is a package of everything that can make a conversation easy. It is in your email application like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Microsoft 365, and others.

Support for All Platforms:

Spike works with your existing email service, which means it is not limited to the phone. You can use it on your Android, Windows, and iOS device. It means it has the ease of use like iMessage with the reliability of email and cross-platform support on Android, PC, and the web. In short, it is everywhere!

Chat and Get Back to Work:

What you have any queries or questions, do you email someone and wait for f reply or post a message? Most people use messenger tools like iMessage as it is faster and the person, on the other hand, gives you a quick response.

Yes, iMessage is easy to access but have some imitation like limited device support. However, you can jump to any other app that works as your messenger with the functions you want. For example, you are sitting on the group and hide the notification from others?

Spike is a perfect tool that lets you hide the notification, receive the notification from a personal group but not from work!! This app has the best of iMessage and email. Now go for Spike, do chat, and get back to work without looking cheesy signatures and openings.

Irrespective of other person uses Spike; the user responds in the same interface as they get in group chat.

The Best iMessage for PC Alternative: Spike

There are always two ends of people. One is those who don’t like multiple feeds and notifications, and another one wants to manage everything and hence pick the Spike. It will manage all the notification in a single feed.

Spike has all the great features of iMessage that people love. And the developers bring it in your email inbox. The best part is it is not limited to a single platform. It supports all the platforms, including Android, Windows, web, and iOS.

So if you want to cut down all the communication tool from the home screen and still want iMessage like experience, Spike is for you.