iMessage Out Of Order

iMessage Out Of Order On iPhone? Here’s The Real Fix!

It’s been a while that most iPhone and iPad users are facing issues with the iMessage service on their device. Well, in case iMessage on your device is not behaving properly or showing “out of order” kind of stuff. Then, it is actually possible that you have mistakenly tweaked some settings on your device that is causing this bug to appear on your Apple device.

Basically, there is no need to panic if something like that is happening with you as well because these are minor bugs that Apple will try to fix it for you and might never occur again in the future. But, what for now? Well, we were facing this issue on our iPhone as well, but with little tweaks and simple methods, we managed to fix this bug for ourselves. So, we would be sharing some simple methods with you too so that you can fix this little bug on your iPhone or iPad too.

Make sure to try out all the methods and check if there’s any improvement. We are telling you to try them all as we are not sure why this bug is occurring on your particular device. Also, make sure to follow the steps for each method properly. Otherwise, you will end up ruining some other setting on your phone.

iMessage Out Of Order

How to Fix iMessage Out of Order Issue on iOS Device

Make sure that the Date & Time on your iOS Device is Correct

For mostly everything happening wrong with your device, this can be the most common issue with your iOS device. Sometimes the Date & Time on your device gets changed, and that eventually changes the region for your iPhone or iOS. So, there is a huge possibility that it will fix the issue for you. If you already know how to fix that, you’re good to go, but if you don’t know the proper procedure, you can follow the steps that are mentioned right below.

  • Launch the Settings App on whichever device you are facing this issue.
  • Now, navigate to General Settings.
  • Scroll down a little bit, here you will find Date & Time. Tap on it.
  • Now, if you see the Set Automatically switch turned off, Turn it ON.
  • If it’s already at ON position, try to reset it by turning OFF and then ON.

Launch Settings app on your iOS device and select General

Now, tap on Date & Time.

Turn off switch for Set Automatically.

After you complete this procedure, make sure to force start your device at least once to save the settings properly.

  • For the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X users, you will need to press and release the volume up button first, then do the same with the volume down button. Afterward, press and hold the side button to successfully force restart your device.
  • As for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users, if you press and hold the home button along with the volume down button, it will do the job.
  • However, for doing a force restart on iPhone 6s or earlier devices and iPads, pressing and holding the sleep/wake button and the Home button simultaneously makes the device force restart itself.

Reactivate iMessage Service

If the above-mentioned solution didn’t solve the issue for you, we suggest you keep trying these fixes one by one, as they helped us fix it for our personal devices as well. Another working method that you can try out on your iOS device is to Reactivate the iMessage service and use it as a fresh start. Although all your messages will be synced back up, so don’t worry about any data loss.

  1. On your iOS device, Open the Settings App, and navigate to Messages and Tap on it.
  2. Here on the top, you will see a function to turn Off and On the iMessage service on your iOS device. Set it to OFF and then turn ON once again.

Now, all you have to do is give some time to your iOS device and let it troubleshoot the app for you automatically. It would be great if this fixes the issue for you. Otherwise, keep scrolling to test out the next method.

Open Setting app on your iOS device → Tap on Messages.

Now, turn off the switch next to iMessage

Reset All Settings

We know it is a hard decision to make for most users whether to factory reset your device or not. Because it completely erases every data from the device and turns it back as you took it out of the box for the first time. But, resetting the device might also result in fixing the iMessage issue on your device as typically all the settings on your device turn back to default, so it’s worth giving it a try.

To reset your iOS device successfully, make sure to follow the procedure properly. 

  1. Navigate to the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Now, look for the General settings in the menu.
  3. If you scroll down to the bottom of the menu, you will find the Reset button. Click on it.
  4. Now, for the last step, tap on the Reset All Settings button. That’s it.

Launch Settings app on your iOS device and select General

Tap on Reset → Tap on Reset All Settings and confirm.

As soon as you complete the procedure, your iOS device will start to erase the data on your phone and reset all the settings to default. Keep in mind that the procedure might take a little longer time than the usual reboot process. So, don’t click any buttons on the device until it restarts once again by itself. For most users, this fix will definitely work. However, if it still does not work, you might be running an outdated version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

Update iOS on Your Device

Like every other smartphone brand, Apple does care about their customers a lot. And, as you know, iOS is just another software that can also be buggy sometimes. Thus, Apple pushes regular updates to the user’s devices and makes sure that no customer remains unsatisfied. As for your case, this issue might be occurring because you have not updated your iOS version to the latest version. As a result, the iMessage app on your device is misbehaving. Thus, upgrading your iOS version to the latest version will make the things easier for you.

To update the iOS version on your iPhone or iPad device, make sure that you follow these steps properly.

Go to the Settings app on your iOS device.

  • Now, tap on General Tab.
  • In the menu, look for the Software Update tab and click on it.
  • If there’s an update available for your device, you will see all the information about it in this tab. If so, click on the Download and Install button and you are pretty much done here.

Launch Settings app on your iOS device and select General

Now, tap on Software Update and then download & install the update, if it’s waiting for you.

After you click on the download button, the process will start automatically. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, the process might not begin. After downloading the update, the device will install it automatically and reboot itself. So, just sit back and relax until the process completes. And, we are pretty sure you will be able to use the iMessage app once again as the normal days.

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We would like to hear from you which of the following methods helped you get rid of this “iMessage out of order” issue from your iOS device. Make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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