How to use iMessage with Siri

There are certain situations like driving or maybe you are carrying something in your hands, and receive an important message in-between. Well, why don’t you just tell Siri to reply to that message for you? It’s easy! And, saves your time as well as efforts too.  With a completely hands-free experience, replying to your important messages on the go requires you to follow some simple steps. Hence, we will be discussing the following in this article:

Note: In case the voice activation feature is not available on your device, you will need to activate Siri automatically. Otherwise, it will just work by saying, “Hey! Siri”. Although all the steps will remain the same. Only this factor might differ from phone to phone depending on the generation.

How to use iMessage with Siri

How to send messages via iMessage using Siri for iPhone or iPad

  1. First of all, you will need to activate Siri on your iPhone by whichever way possible, either pressing and holding the Home button or by simply saying, “Hey! Siri”.
  2. Siri will ask you if you need any help. Just tell Siri that you want to send a message. To be more precise, tell Siri who you want to message as well. In case the Contact is not saved in your Phonebook, dictate the phone number to Siri.
  3. Now, tell Siri what you want to send in that message.
  4. Wait for a second, and let Siri confirm.
  5. Either Tap the send button on your screen or Say, “Send”.

However, by any chance, if you change your mind before sending the message. You can either Say, “Cancel it”, and Siri will abandon the message.

In case you want to change the message, Say’ “Change it”, and speak out the new message. Or you can simply cancel it, and again start the procedure as a new.

How to check for new messages with Siri for iPhone or iPad

  • Like before, activate Siri on your iOS device. It’s your choice whether to activate it by pressing and holding the Home button or just by saying, “Hey! Siri”.
  • If you say something like, “Check for new messages”. Well, Siri is smart enough to figure it out.
  • If there are any new messages available, Siri will notify you, and you can also ask her to read the messages for you.

Bottom Line

So, this was all about using Siri for replying to messages and see if there are new messages available to read or not. In case you have any further queries regarding this context, please feel free to ask us in the comments section below.


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